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DESH Clinic opens four more clinics in Madhya Pradesh

Satna, 07 October 2021. In order to expand its reach to semi-urban and rural areas, DESH Clinics has opened four more clinics in the Satna and Panna districts of Madhya Pradesh. These Four Areas are Jaso, Pahadi Kheda, Devender Nagar and Saleha. DESH Clinic has plans to open around 100 such clinics in Madhya Pradesh by 2022.

At the time of Inauguration, Founder & CEO of DESH Clinic, Dr (Major) Harshita Surange were present. She mentioned in her inaugral address that DESH ( Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics) has a mission to develop local talent of healthcare workers, provide jobs to them by establishing hundreds of such Integrated Health setups for rural and semi-urban areas across India.

In response to why she started DESH clinics in Madhya Pradesh, she said she is completed her MBBS degree from medical college at Rewa and it is her love for MP that made her start this chain here.

Telemedicine is a boon for rural healthcare, it will bridge the gap between healthcare need and availability of qualified doctors said Dr Vipin Dubey, a famous Orthopedic Surgeon who along with Dr. Pratibha Dubey, Anesthesiologists from Satna graced the occasion as a Chief Guests.

Those who were present at the inauguration are Jaso, Satna Distt Clinic ( Dr BG Vishwakarma), Pahadi Kheda, Panna Dist Clinic (Dr Sandeep Kashyap) Devendra Nagar, Panna Dist Clinic ( Dr Amit Thakur) and Saleha , Satna Distt Clinic ( Dr DP Kashyap)

Dr RR Kashyap and Dr RB Thakur also contributed their thoughts at the inauguration with their ideas on how telemedicine will help the rural areas.

Earlier, DESH Clinic opened its first Clinic in Madhya Pradesh at Nagod, Satna Distt in September 2021.

These clinics will function with Assisted Tele-consultation methodology wherein a trained Paramedic staff will help patients in conversing with doctors at big cities, also support in taking vitals and other pathology tests.

DESH Clinic is keen to work with Government and NGOs to help the needy rural population with its medical expertise.

About My Family First Healthtech Pvt Ltd

My Family First is a telemedicine company providing teleconsultation to Individuals, Corporates and to Rural Clinics. DESH Clinic is a project for Physital Integrated rural healthcare set up to provide assisted teleconsultation. It also provides Franchise opportunities in the Healthcare sector. Website: www.myfamilyfirst.in

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