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DESH Clinic Offers eClinic Franchise starter package in Rs 5000 Only to help rural entrepreneurs

DESH Clinic is expanding its network of Digital Health clinics in rural & semi-urban areas. These clinics are boon for the places where it is difficult to get qualified doctors. DESH Clinic has in-house doctors and super specialists who cater to the need of franchise clinics.

Now in order to expand its reach and also to make it easier for the potential franchisee to join with minimum investment, DESH Clinic has come out with its starter package of ( Rs 5000) Rupees Five thousand only. It will enable people with qualifications in pharmacy, medical lab technology, GNM, ANM, and trained health workers to own a clinic at very minimal investment. DESH Clinic will support with basic marketing and branding package along with technical and professional input to run digital clinics.

Anyone having a suitable space for consultation ensuring the privacy of patients and tablet/smartphone can start these DESH Sahyogi clinics. Since these consultations are done through a special customized application, an Internet connection is essential.

Talking about its new initiative, Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange, CEO & Founder, reiterated the commitment of DESH Clinic towards rural healthcare. DESH Clinic is supporting many such clinics already in Madhya Pradesh. People can take this starter package and then upgrade to a higher level of clinic infrastructure, she added further.

In response to a question on how a newcomer can start a telehealth clinic, Mr. Ajay Sharma, COO and Cofounder shared the details of a specialized training program developed to train people on telemedicine system in India, its related laws, processes, compliances, and also clinic management system. For more details, please visit www.deshclinic.com

DESH Clinic will soon be applying for investment in the near future to support its expansion. Talks are on with some angel investors who are willing to contribute to this noble cause of healthcare for the rural population of India.

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