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Mass gatherings like Magh Mela may result in Omicron surge, overwhelm hospitals: Experts

Why does virus thrive in mass gathering?

Dr Harshita Surange, a radiologist and ultrasonologist explained that COVID-19 spreads through the air that has been contaminated by respiratory droplets exhaled by infected people during activities like talking, speaking, coughing, sneezing, singing, etc. The virus is contained in these tiny droplets that can float in the air for several minutes or even hours and get inhaled by others, infecting them too. “These droplets can settle on surfaces like skin or objects. People can also get infected by touching their mouth or nose with hands that have come in contact with such contaminated surfaces. The closer you are to others physically, the more are the chances of you inhaling the infected droplets,” she said, adding that when people are assembled together in a crowd, the event can turn into a super-spreader infecting hundreds of people very quickly, who will then infect others wherever they go.

“Keeping a physical distance of at least one meter from each other is crucial but mass gatherings don’t take that into consideration. The farther away you are from others, the less are the chances of infection,” she reminds us

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