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Health-tech startup My Family First to open 500 digitally-enabled clinics in rural areas

• Company taking the franchise route to scale up operations and clinic count India-wide
• Talks already on with angel investors and CSR wing of corporates for investments

NEW DELHI: Delhi-based health-tech startup My Family First intends to open 500 Digitally Enabled Smart Health (DESH) clinics in rural areas across the country in the next two years to connect patients in remote villages and towns with medical specialists in metro cites. The company, which began operations in mid-2021, has already opened 30 DESH clinics across Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Madya Pradesh through the franchising route.

The DESH Clinics comprise India’s first integrated telehealth service. These use digital technology and IoT-based devices to directly connect doctors in cities with patients in the rural hinterland, solving the problem of scarcity of qualified doctors in villages and semi-urban regions. Patients can benefit from the best medical advice right at their doorsteps at affordable prices and do not need to travel to cities.

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