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About DESH Clinic

A solution for Semi-urban & Rural Healthcare

Through its tele-consultation app initiative, My Family First has a panel of highly experienced doctors from diverse specialities, high end diagnostic centres, pharmacists and other healthcare service providers.

MyFamily First now intends to use this built up and continuously building pool of resources to provide high quality healthcare services to Tier-3 / 4 and Rural India thru its DESH Clinics (Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics) with deployment of emerging technologies including IoT based PoC devices.

Promoting, Developing & Engaging Technology Based Healthcare – to strengthen the patient-physician connection, reduce rates of complications of disease and lower the cost of quality healthcare.

Quality Healthcare

Skill Development

Employment Generation


DESH Clinics Founding Team

DESH Clinic  is founded by professionals from the Healthcare industry and the corporate world. The backbone of this venture is the medical expertise and professional expertise to manage health care facilities in remote areas of India.


Establishing a chain of DESH Clinics connecting the medical services knowledge and infrastructure of metro cities with the rural and Semi-urban India, with a focus on:

Capacity Building

Hiring local talent and training them on metro city standards to enable them to serve quality healthcare in their native region.

Livelihood Generation

Bringing opportunity to local residents with entrepreneurial aspirations to invest and enterprise in the healthcare sector.

Remote Healthcare

Deploying and exploiting high-end technologies in healthcare to provide quality services at a lower cost.

Why Choose Us

DESH Clinic Specialties

Franchise Model

Expanding Footprint Via Franchise Route

My Family First is now exploring the Franchising model as a part of its expansion plan to stretch out to more rural and semi-urban areas India through different models.

Preferred Partner Profile

  • Aspirants with exposure to Pharmacy, Diagnostic Labs, Medical Consultation and social services with wide local influence.
  • Special preference would be given to defense personnel
  • Educated investors with the social mind-set and keen to run own business
  • Young healthcare practitioners keen to add more specialties

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