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  • India's Own Integrated Telehealth Service

Desh Clinic Franchise

Desh Clinic Franchise

DESH Clinic Franchise

Desh Clinic (India’s Own Integrated Tele-Health Service) is a program on the basis of which we will provide you digitally enabled health care clinics.

Under this program, you will be able to avail the following services in your area.

Instant Doctor Health Consultation

Instant Testing & Care

Instant Medicine Dispensing

Investor-Friendly Franchise Models

Multiple Revenue

Operational Support by


Our Healthcare Services

How to start Franchise for DESH Clinic?
  • Franchise applies for opening a DESH Clinic in their area
  • My Family First will evaluate the application based on
    • Population
    • Other medical Facilities in that area
    • Internet availability
    • Financial & Technical Capacity of Franchise
  • On Selection Franchise will
    • Sign an MOU
    • Deposit Franchise Fee as per unit type
  • My Family First will
    • Appoint a success manager to help Franchise in establishing a clinic

Operational Support By DESH Clinic

  • Assistance in DESH Clinic/MMU setup, besides creating common tech infrastructure
  • Providing training on service delivery, lead generation, and franchise management
  • Continuous expansion of service portfolio with new specialties
  • Working towards expanding doctors’ network by empanelling specialty doctors
  • Ensuring consistent medication supply to the franchisees
  • Maintaining diagnostic test standards for accurate results
  • Organizing awareness campaigns and promotional events like health camps
  • Providing printed material like brochures, pamphlets, flex banners, signage on a cost basis
  • Ensure quality of services to be delivered to the end customers through customer feedback, regular interactions, mystery visits at the clinics, etc.

Expectation from Franchise:

  • Representation of DESH Clinic in allotted area
  • Setting up the DESH Clinic as per standards
  • Ensuring exclusive Treatment by DESH Clinic Doctors, no local consultation
  • Purchasing required Instruments, Equipment to enable quality treatment.
  • Keeping trained and qualified staff at their cost

    • Sr Nursing Asst
    • Jr Nursing Asst
    • Pharmacist
  • Local promotion of DESH Clinic
  • Managing all treatment & clinic procedures as per SOPs
  • Collection of Money and depositing in DESH Clinic Account

DESH Clinic Service Flow

DESH Clinic Service Flow

Looking for a franchise?

Operate DESH Clinic Franchise at village, tehsil, district and state levels.

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To connect with Desh Clinic contact: 9810508739

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