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Franchise FAQ`S

Franchise FAQ`S

DESH Clinics : A solution for Semi-urban & Rural Healthcare
Through its tele-consultation app initiative, My Family First has a panel of highly experienced doctors from diverse specialities, high end diagnostic centres, pharmacists and other healthcare service providers.

My Family First now intends to use this built up and continuously building pool of resources to provide high quality healthcare services to Tier-3 / 4 and Rural India thru its DESH Clinics (Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics) with deployment of emerging technologies including IoT based PoC devices.

Consistently superior quality of services is the cornerstone to ensuring success of the Clinic. AHLL therefore selects each franchisee with utmost care. A proper due diligence is carried out before finalizing a franchisee. An ideal franchisee will have the following characteristics:

  • He will have a prior track record of running a successful business venture.
  • He should be able to devote full time or a significant amount of his time to the clinic.
  • He will have a social standing, enjoy good reputation and exhibit integrity.
  • He will be genuinely interested in the healthcare sector.
  • He will strictly abide by the guidelines given by AHLL.
  • Individuals looking purely for quick returns or productive utilization of their idle space or building are not necessarily the right candidates and are likely to be discouraged.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a franchise can contact the My Family First – DESH Clinic directly by telephone or e-mail. He can also apply directly through this website. On receiving the required information, the prospective franchise will be required to fill and submit a detailed Franchise Application Form. A team from My Family First will then meet him and discuss the details of the business and will also assess the franchise’s ability to run DESH Clinic.

If your profile is found suitable and after successful completion of due diligence process you will be required to meet in person or web meeting with our Senior Management. Additionally, you could plan to visit some of our operational clinics at various locations in India, to get a first-hand feel of DESH Clinic.

Depending upon your conviction about the project and My Family First assessment about your ability to successfully take it forward, a MOU would be signed between My Family First and your group. At this point, you would need to pay License fee. This would be followed by a Due Diligence conducted by My Family First to assess your financial capabilities. Once this process has been completed, My Family First will sign a License agreement with your company to officially nominate you as a Franchise for ‘DESH Clinic’

The most important ingredient for success is the franchise himself. His managerial ability, interest in healthcare and extent of personal involvement in the business determines the success of ‘DESH Clinic’. Which is why, as in all franchise businesses, we have extraordinary performers, average performers and non-performers.

Wrong. The most important ingredient for success is the franchisee himself. His managerial ability, interest in healthcare and extent of personal involvement in the business determines the success of ‘DESH Clinic Franchise’. Which is why, as in all franchise businesses, we have extraordinary performers, average performers and non-performers.

The time taken from signing the Agreement to commencing operations depends to a large extent on a few critical factors like, the selection of a suitable site, tying up the finances and completing licensing requirements. We have in the past opened a Clinic within seven days from commencing discussion. If there are no major issues, it is easily possible to commence operations within a time frame of 2 – 3 Weeks from the date of agreement.

The Clinic will require an area of about 4,000 sqft at ground floor level and should preferably be close to a large residential area. The area will vary according to the number of specializations being planned. It is envisaged that the Clinic will be on leased/rented premises. However, franchisees may also consider constructing a separate building, or purchasing existing buildings.

We are group of best doctors, experienced in running tele health setup, will provide best treatment options to our patients. We focus on providing treatment rather then just tele consultation. You get specialist in all branches of medicine from across India.

The Clinic also offers tele-medicine facilities. These are for use not only by the consultants practicing in the Clinic, but also by other physicians as well. While its acceptance is likely to be gradual, we expect such a facility to give the Clinic a competitive edge.DESH Clinic also provides interface with other My Family First group entities to enhance resource utilization. The Clinic also offers a number of health check packages. In addition, a number of camps have been developed for implementation at the Clinic, with well established protocols along with Hospital Information Centre.

Telemedicine provides the Clinic access to specialists and super-specialists who are located at different parts of the world. This is done using audio-visual devices that connect consultants in one facility (in this case the Clinic) with specialists and super-specialists in another facility. Doctors and customers in the Clinic have the option of consulting these specialists and super-specialists online without incurring the cost of travel, and within a short span of time. The end result is an expert opinion from a specialist with much less cost.

The relationship between DESH Clinic and the franchise is modeled on best international franchising systems. As the franchisor, My Family First will provide all support for setting up and later running the Clinic.

The overall scale of operations will ensure that the franchise enjoys excellent cost competitiveness – both during implementation stage and later during operations.

Given below is a brief description of My Family First support services to be provided to be franchise depending on the franchise model opted:

Franchisee will be provided with a Certificate of Association in frame. They will get a customised Tele-Consultation App to manage Patient Data, Appointment booking, Video Call, Clinic Management etc. They will be provided access to best doctors from major hospitals across India. In terms of Marketing & Branding Material, franchise will get Clinic specific Marketing flyers, Digital marketing posts with specific focus on that locality, Clinic sign Board, Clinic Location Board, Standees, branding posters for Tele-Consultation Chamber, Clinic Coordinator visiting cards.

A professional support to do Health camps using Tele-Consultation will be provided on need basis. Since training is an important area, DESH Clinic will provide training of Staff and give Certificate of completion.

Since Franchise may not be experienced in running the health clinics, a complete Clinic Procedure Manual will be given to manage their franchise effectively

DESH Clinic charges an ‘Initial License Fee’ at the time of signing the Agreement . This license is valid for a period of Five (5) years, which is the tenure of the License Agreement. As royalty fee, DESH Clinic will charge a percentage of the gross turnover of the clinic , which will be payable on a monthly basis. * Initial License Fee and Operating License Fee may be revised at DESH Clinic discretion

Every clinic will be called “DESH Clinic”. No deviations are allowed. The name and signage has been standardized and no deviation, beyond My Family First stated guidelines, will be permissible.

For Franchise Queries :

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